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Repertory Theater Community since 1982

Phil Judah BS Physics



Universal Publishers is an integral part of the Austin stage theater community. Supplying many of the local theaters with playbills for over twenty years. Establishing connections between the theater and business communities. Working as publisher and marketing consultant for the printed programs of the various disciplines relating to the performing arts and other high profile special events such as Austin’s annual Zilker Summer Musical, Will Taylor & Strings Attached, The Spirit Echoes Fine Arts Festival, The University Interscholastic League (Boys & Girls High School) Championship Basketball Tournaments of Texas at The Frank Erwin Center, Longhorn Speedway, Thunder Hill Raceway, Texas Super Racing Series, international improv festivals and the Sesquicentennial Play of Texas in 1986.


Our experience can help you establish an image and a presence in the Performing and Fine Arts Community.  Our expanding use of the Internet as a tool for both publicists and publishers extends our capability to help you strategize your message more effectively via an approach balancing the cutting edge of technology with the insight acquired from that experience.


We invite you to use Universal Publishers as a direct line of communication to inspire and vitalize a select group of influential beings. The ads that you place in the stage theater playbills (also appearing in the playbills posted on a page linked from publisher’s publicity web site www.upstages.com) not only effect the purchasing decisions of those whom attend the theater, but also send a message of recognition to the theater world for their hard efforts to keep art alive.


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