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38th Street Pharmacy (PDF pg 4)


Audio Systems


Austin Art & Fram (formerly ART USA)


Austin Community College / Arts and Humanities


Austin Guitar School


Austin Land & Cattle Company


Blackforest Werkshop


Capitol Automotive Capitol Diesel


Chez Nous (PDF pg 7)


Flemings Steakhouse


Forbidden Fruit


Fantastic Magic Camp




Hilton Austin


Insty-Prints (PDF pg 30)


Just Jeeps


Kenny Hills Autowerks (PDF pg1)


Kerbey Lane Cafe


Krugerís Diamond Jewelers (PDF pg 4)


Last Call / Neiman Marcus


Magnolia Cafe


Mother's Cafe




Nutty Brown Cafe


Olive Garden (PDF pg 5)


Peoples Pharmacy


Peter Pan Mini Golf (PDF pg 5)


South Austin Music


South Side Tires


Strait Music


Terra Toys


The Maids


The Treasury at The Oasis


Violins Etc


Wheatsville Food Coop



Memory Lane



Austin Circle of Theatres


Cafe Mundi


Cheapo Discs


Four Sons Quality Cleaners


Heart of Texas Music


Hickory Street Bar & Grill


Holland Photo (PDF pg 7)


Morgan Buildings + Pools & Spas (PDF pg 7)


Music Makers


Shoreline Grill




The Bitter End (PDF pg 5)


The Frisco


Sweet Cleaners


Rubyís Bar-B-Q







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