Barton Brooks

Poet ● Music Publisher ● Lyricist ● Rap Artist ● Producer


Sample Audios:

1. Raising the Bar

2. Angel Beach




what lackluster path
i have led and been
living atop the ocean
yet plagued by the bends
smoking stones
burning friends
i am the incorrigible one
whose fear in floods is famine
the oxymoron phoenix
dies reborn as one that
stinks and rots but rules...

Barton Brandon Brooks

Copyright 1997 Barton B Brooks




Blazing in the echoes of my fire-mind,

As I siphon waters from the other world;

Right between the two-tone trap called myself and me,

Torn, divided selves shoot each other hot.

Once they were I and I was one...

Now they hunt each other, the Ocean and the Sun.

Barton B Brooks

Copyright 1994 Barton B Brooks


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