“Life is a barrel full of monkeys.”

Les is a working comedian and improv pioneer who has entertained millions of happier people throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. He owns The National Comedy Theatre of Austin & San Antonio, TX, and the largest improvisation training program in the South. His theatre in Austin is in its 16th year of professional comedy. Les has been featured on ABC, Fox Family and PBS. His writing credits include many successful scripts, shows and published articles. Most recently, he has written and co-produced a new show for network television. When not on the road or in Hollywood, Les performs at the National Comedy Theatre in the Northcross Mall.

Les not only entertains, but surprises and warms, reminding you of the most fun you've ever had. He plays in theaters, halls and banquet rooms somewhere almost every week from AT&T to the zoo and all points in between. The zoo one was cool.

Comedy League of America's National Improv Champion, 2001-2002

Featured, The Comedy Store, Los Angeles

Featured, The Comedy Gym National Conference

Humor Columnist, Austin Business Journal

5 time winner of the Austin Comedy Festival

Recognized for excellence in performance and design by the Austin Circle of Theaters

TEA Instructor Development Certified and Licensed

For more information, you can contact Les at les@comedy7.com